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AK Nursing Service ensures the safety and hygiene for patients with well-defined clinical protocols that are at par with hospital standards. All the services are facilitated by doctor-driven treatment.
Home Nursing Services also give an opportunity to patients to recover among their family members. We follow all guidelines in the medical profession to bring you the most compassionate and attentive care at home. We offer quality services to clients at home.

We also conduct regular audits, which comprises of sharing patient’s daily assessment reports with the supervising doctor so that timely intervention can be done, weekly tele/video audits, monthly on-site audits and evaluation of Home Visit Report by our in-house clinical team to ensure best-quality medical treatment for the patients. Our certified nurses are trained for end of life care or hospice care for patients suffering with diseases like last stage cancer etc. irrespective of their age and gender

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We provide personalized essential nursing services within the comfort of your home and play a vibrant role in providing a diverse spectrum of health care services catering to the different needs and means for the elders.

Patient Onboarding

Onboarding is the process by which patients are welcomed and oriented into a provider's practice. Introducing new patients to the office procedures and systems helps them navigate the office and healthcare experience.

Best Advice Doctor

Doctor advice is the provision of a formal professional opinion regarding what a specific individual should or should not do to restore or preserve health