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Nebulization at Home

Nebulization is a form of respiratory care. It is the medical process of administering medication directly by inhalation, with the help of a nebulizer that converts liquid medicine into mist, which is then given to the patient with the help of a breathing mask. Nebulization is typically administered to young patients with Asthma, COPD and patients needing respiratory care for other breathing problems and is unable to use inhalers. Nebulisation is sometimes also prescribed for severe cases of nasal and chest congestion.
Nebulization is a fairly simple process that can be easily accomplished even at home with some training from a doctor or nurse or better with the help of a trained nurse. Even though nebulizers might be easier to use than metered-dose inhalers, you might need good at home respiratory services to ensure the right use of nebulizers and smooth nebulization.
So, if you need home respiratory services for nebulization in your place of abode any time any day, simply give us a call and our expert nurses will visit you to ensure you have smooth, complications-free nebulization.

Nebulization Care

When using a nebulizer at home it is essential that proper care is taken regarding the care of the nebulizer, as the machine and the mouthpiece can build up bacteria over time. The mouth piece should be clean after every use with alcohol or hot water. If the hand held nebulizers gets clogged it should be replaced immediately.

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